year old vs years old

Hi everyone, Is there difference between year old and years old? If I am not confuse I already saw expression like these: I am 50 years old and I am 50 year old. I will feel grateful if someone help me. Thanks.

Hi there,

I think that much better when you say: I am 50 years old man. I don’t think that we have some grammar rule regarding that. Misha.


With different measurements of time and distance/length we use the plural form when the description comes after the noun and we use the singular form when it goes before the noun.

Look at these: A fifty year old man The man is fifty years old.

This is a thirty foot building. This building is thirty feet tall.


Alan, your explanation was very interesting. Let see if I understood the subject. I am a sixty seven year old man but my friend is fifty years old. correct or not? regards.

Yes, that’s fine.