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By considering the importance of bubble diameter in bubble column and the factors which have influence on it (bubble diameter), bubbles speed and diameter has been evaluated in the output and has been compared with the results which are obtained from the related empirical equations. Figure 1 shows the compelete set up for visulization of bubbles. This apparatus include a glass column, an air capsule, a regulator, a few hoses and a few valves. The cross section of the column is a square (105x105mm) and its height is 1.2 m. A copper pipe with 3 mm in diameter enters the column from the center of the cross section in the bottom and has a 5 cm height in the column. At the bottom of the column a pipe is considered for vacating the liquid. A regulator is set on the nitrogen capsule for controlling the pressure which is connected to the copper pipe by a hose. Also another hose with a valve is connected to the pipe which for vacating the liquid at the bottom of the column. We set a type measure along the column to measure & control the height of liquid.
Water was used as experiment fluid to implement the experiment, the water height is about 1m and camera has been set to capture images from the bubble shape in the output head of the copper pipe (which is inside the column). Experiment was started by opening of the regulator valve. . Some of the bubbles had an elliptical shape in the output but most of them completely spherical at first. following figures shows photographs of bubbles during the experiment.
While photo has been taken, bubble rise time was counted for calculate the terminal velocity. For more accuracy, experiments was repeated for several times. it is also wothmentioning that temperature was incontrol during the conduction time of experiment. After all water was vacated from the glass column via the pipe which was at the bottom of the column and bring it back to the container. Then apparatus has been washed and prepared it for the next experiment.
above mentioned procedure were repeated for kerosene and oil as experiment fluids.

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