Written vs. oral communication?

Good morning my dear Larks and Owls,

How much of your daily communication is written and how much do you speak? I mean, most communications on the Internet are written (or rather typed), although I can see a trend towards audio applications such as VoiP etc.

So, what would you say is the ratio between the amount of words you type and the number of words you speak?

Have a good day,

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Some days I only write and don’t speak at all. Some days I mostly speak and do almost no writing.

strange, but I never consider any proportions before.
I am quite sure, it will be something like 80% talking or speaking against 20% for writing in total (maybe even less).
But, this is only because I do myself some studying, if I take a standard situation then I think it would be like 95% and more against some few for writing.

For the past few months, that is, since I’m an English-test.net addict (which, be it said in passing, has done my English loads of good!), I’ve done much more writing than speaking! In fact, I’ve never been much of a talker — I’m not very good at conversation, for one thing, getting quickly bored (except with a small bunch of people perhaps), and I don’t like the phone much, either.

In spite of everything, I would still love to be able to really talk to all of you, dear friends, one day! :slight_smile:

PS: If I include singing in the oral communication, then the scales will definitely tip to the other side!