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The chart illustrate the amount of time called by 3 sorts of communicators in the UK between 1995 and 2002.
Overall, it is clear that the chart witnessed an upward trend on the number of minutes used by mobiles, national and international fixed-lined, while the local calls showed a decrease in the given period.
Started at just over 3 billion minutes in 1995, the total amount of mobile call length increased gradually to reached the peak at approximately 45 billions in 2002. Similarly, domestic and oversea calls alighted an increase from nearly 37 billion (in 1995) to over 60 billion after 7 years.
In the local term, the total call length accounted for roughly 72 billions in the beginning of the period before getting the highest point at 90 billions minutes in 1999. Then, there was a significant downward trend for 3 remaining years to decline at nearly 62 billions respectively in the year 2002.