Writing big number: 203.407.143.000

Hi all,

Suddenly, my brother asked me how to write for the big number 203.407.143.000 that he wanted to put into the report. I’ve a try:

“two hundred and three billion, four hundred and seven million, one hundred forty three thousand”.

Please correct me if it’s incorrect.

If it’s correct, I would like to share to others… :slight_smile:

You got it just about perfect. I’d have added “two hundred and three billions, four hundred and seven millions, AND one hundred forty three thousands”. By the way, in the U.S., we write the numbers funny-with commas: 203,407,143,000.

I would find it quite odd to say that with the plural billions, millions, and thousands.

Thanks for reply.

But I hardly ever see the plural for “million, billion and thousand as well”. It would be confused us, i think. Please refer to if need: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_numbers

BTW, I’m Vietnamese so that we use “.” (dot) instead of “,” (commas)… Thanks for correct anyway. :slight_smile:

You are right…when I say it I don’t say the “S”…the grammar stuff gets me confused…no “s”.

Hi, Diverhank

What if I need to read out this sum of money: $123,000, which should I choose?
One hunderd twenty three thousand dollars (I think this is right)
One hunderd twenty three thousands dollars

Thanks !

there should be no “s” in the “thousand”. I was wrong before. Sorry

I skipped the rest of the thread, so I didn’t notice your further explanation.
Never mind, that’s ok :wink:

Hi everybody,
I’ve heard that in such cases, we’d better just read the series by reading two numbers at a time (from the end to the beginning) Thus:

=> one - two oh - three four - oh seven - one four - three oh - double oh

What do you think?

Yup, for complex numbers, it’s better to just read like that. This rule is written in our country’s textbook :slight_smile: .

Oh, I completely disagree with this! If the number is written so that it’s clearly divided into thousands, millions, billions, etc., the do not just say the numbers one after the other.

I can’t think of any circumstance in which a number that ended with three repeating numbers as that number once, then “double” as you have with “three-oh, double-oh.” You would confuse the person listening! You’d say “triple oh” (or “triple zero”)

On the other hand, if it’s a serial number or an account number, you say the numbers in groups of either two or three.
For something like 129850-125, I’d say one-two-nine (pause) eight-five-oh dash one-two-five

Thanks a lot, Barb. By the way, how do you read this number:


Is it a serial number of some sort?
eight two dot three one two dot seven three five dot … you get the idea

Oh, wait - it’s using the dots where I’d use a comma, right?
eighty-two trillion, three hundred (and) twelve billion, seven hundred thirty-five million, two hundred fifty three thousand, three hundred and five.

Note that in real life, we rarely have need to talk about numbers of these size. Once things are in the trillions, they tend not to be very precise. Unless you’re talking about the national debt of the US, I guess.