There is no worse feeling for a would-be writer than to run out of ideas.

When, after writing four paragraphs of something that you hope is going to be of interest to lots of people, you suddenly realise that it probably only of interest to yourself.

Is this the time you should stop, and delete all that you have written so far, or should you continue, hoping that someone else will share your enthusiasm for the subject?

This is the obstacle that has faced me lots of times in the past. I only wish that I had owned a computer in those days.
Instead I had notebooks brim-full of unfinished stories which I am now unable to recall.

Every one of you have, I’m sure, an abundance of stories there in your heads. Whether these are true or imaginary, they are YOUR stories.

Why not take the plunge and tell us all about them? It isn’t as difficult as you may think.


Please listen to my recording and respond with a voice message too. Many thanks.

That was even better Legend. A few more recordings and we will be thinking you really are English.

Thanks Kitos for your efforts with us .

Please listen to my recording and respond with a voice message too. Many thanks.

when I was eight or ten, I don’t remember, I used to try to write poems, of course, in my native language. But it turned out to seem that I had no talent for poems at all. I had a notebook, too, wrote some poems. my friends thought mine could not be published although they always laughed and enjoyed my poems whenever I introduced to them. Often, I wrote some awkward things but funny, I guess.
Time passed, and now I can not remember.
You are right, Kitos. I wish at that time, I had had a computer. Receiving comments from people around the world about my poems would have made me more interested in writing poems and stories.
I don’t know if the solid, academic study is the main obstacle that has disposed my imaginative thoughts.

Please listen to my voice=]