Would you please check the third passage

After the first week of project, I discovered that I had to make a bit change in my weekly goal to achieve my desired intake rate at the end. I set my goal for the next weeks a little higher than before so that I changed the decreasing rate of the second week goal from 100 mg to 60 mg. it was more close to real and was more doable. Also to maintain the Monitoring system, given myself bigger rewards and to keep very other positive factors to the Behavior Change Project.
My first reward for the first week of behavior change was to take my wife and my friends to watch a new movie at cinema. It was wonderful experience since we had came to Jackson. We had a lot of fun together and I felt good within me after the reward.
My second week reward was going to Reservoir park, a very beautiful artificial lake near Jackson. I went with my wife and we had a very pleasant time there. This trip really had positive effect on keeping the project.
My third reward was a very long Skype calling . It was more than one month that I could not have a video calling to my family and this conversation renewed my strength and I talked to my mother, father for more than 4 hours.
In the fourth week I went to bookshop and purchase a historian book about ancient Iran called “Persepolis” I am interested to the history of Iran and it was a good opportunity to buy my favorite book in this issue.
But my most wonderful reward was the last one. It was actually a gift of my wife to me because of successful ending of the project. At the end of fifth week, my wife told me that she has a surprising news for me. I was confused. She said that she would like to give me the final reward and it was a notebook. She knew well that I was looking for a new laptop for a long time. I could not enjoy more when I heard about it. It was a memorable ending on my hard project.

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Hi, once again, pretty good. I thought your final reward might be a case of Redbull - but maybe you are trying to continue your reduced caffeine regimen? How do you like Jackson? I have passed through it many times, but I don’t think I have ever stopped there.

loooool, Hi Luschen, at first let me to appreciate all your kindness. I have come to Jackson since 3 months ago. I am so happy to come to US and to come more close to you. Within last year, I have learned many points here from you and your colleagues. It is really wonderful class and I have introduced it to many of my friends. I am so happy that you know Jackson. I think Jackson is symbol of US south regions with nice and warm people. I like here and like to travel around the US. Thank you again for your attention. I hope to see you someday.

Yes people in the South are very friendly. I am sure they are interested in learning about you. Where are you from? I hope you get a chance to see some of the country. New Orleans is very interesting and not too far. If you make it to Nashville please let me know.

I am Iranian and I am here to study master,s of public health. I have heard about Nashville and if I right it should be near to Jackson. Thanks a lot.