work on one or several projects at a time ?

Do you prefer to finish a project completely then to another one or do two or several projects at a time?

In this 21st century, the core of the computer processors has increased from one to dual and is marching on the way to more without any doubt. However, when it comes to humans, some people act just like the computer, working on multi-tasks, while others, conservatively, insist on concentrating on one single project at a time. According to my knowledge and experience, I prefer to take on several projects at a time for the following reasons.

First, multi-tasking improves efficiency. More often than not, a project involves periods that need high density of energy as well as periods that we can do little but wait. In this case, working on various projects at a time can complement each other by fill one project’s bottom with another’s peak. As an example, when I was once doing a biology experiment, there were days when I was crammed up cultivating bacteria and then I had to wait for them to reproduce for several hours. Had I stubbornly insisted on finishing the experiment before starting other projects, these hours would be doomed to no use. However, I brought my laptop with me and wrote papers while waiting. In this way, I accomplished both tasks without influencing each other. Doubtlessly, working on multi projects is a good way to improve efficiency.

Furthermore, working on different issues keeps me interested constantly in working. Studies have shown that people can only concentrate on one subject for an average of 2 hours, over which they will feel boring and pay less attention to the work on hand. On the other hand, psychologists have suggested that switching between different activities every period of time ensures a high level of interest and concentration. Words had it that Einstein would play violin for a while after a long time of solving maths problems. Both scientific research and the experience of great men have made it abundantly clear that engaging in more than one activities benefits people in maintaining constant interest.

Finally, taking on different projects at a time may spur creativity. Once I was making a candle by hand for a friends’ present and I failed many times at making the paper mold hard enough to shape the wax. By no means would I give up but I paused and switched to conduct my biology experiment. At my seeing the needle tube, an idea sprang up into my mind: the needle tube is a perfect cylinder smooth rigid mold! Creativity often comes from coincide and without doing more than one projects at a time, nowhere can coincide stem from!

Admittedly, we have to concentrate on the work on hand to guarantee quality. Nevertheless, it never means that we cannot work in a multi-task way. Concentration is for the work at every second; Multi-tasking is for overall management of work for a period of time. Therefore, considering the benefits of higher efficiency, continuous interest and increased creativity, it may well be the better policy to work on several projects than just a single one at a time.

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Hi, I thought your essay was very good. I think your first sentence could be good, but it gave me a funny image in my head. Your overall structure was very good. I liked your personal examples and thought they were very relevant and effective. Your vocabulary is not too bad, but you did have a few word choices that could be improved. You had some odd sounding phrases, but nothing that really interfered with my comprehension. Overall, I would rate this a 4 out of 5.

Words had it {“Word has it”, but this might be a bit informal for this type of essay} that Einstein would play violin for a while after a long time of {“spent” is better here} solving maths problems.

Mr. Luschen, I know “word has it” is not formal , but I cannot figure out another sentence to express the meaning that the story is spread among a certain amount of people but I’m not 100 percent sure of its anthenticity. Could you give me some suggestions? Is “It is heard that” better?

Maybe “some say that”, “there is a widely held story that”, “there is a common story that”, “there is a widespread anecdote that”, “A perhaps apocryphal story holds/says that”.

You probably already know this, but an even more informal version is “The word on the street is that”.