Work and live in Costa Rica at a call center.

Costa Rica’s Call Center Employment Opportunities

Costa Rica’s Call Center is always open to meet new prospects to join our team at all levels for a variety of campaigns.

Executive secretaries, customer service agents, teachers, expatriates , highly skilled telemarketers, imaginative web designers, sharp computer programmers, anyone who believes that their skills can enhance a campaign are all encouraged to immediately contact our human resources department.

We will carefully evaluate each applicant’s education, abilities and personal goals. Age and gender will not deter us from selecting the top candidates for a campaign. Our call center’s Executive Officers personally encourage you to receive the best in telemarketing training, call center work environment and career development in Costa Rica. Contact us today to begin your future with our company! We look forward to hearing from you.

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Hi Rich

Firstly not sure Costa Rica is a colony of UK, maybe an Ex-pat Irish stronghold. hmmm

Secondly this ain´t a forum for blind and blatant ads mate.

What are you offering the forum users exactly?

cheers stew.t.


Thank you for your reply.

There are many expats from the UK currently living in Costa Rica. In addition, I am always looking for bilingual agents. Many of my clients require the agents to be verse in several languages. I have been lurking around here for awhile and decided to see if there was a match for what I was looking for.

Best regards,



Hi Richard,

As Stewart said, facilitating career aspiration is not embroidered on’s banner. This blog here was initially designed to help people get started in the UK and Ireland.




Nice to meet you.

I am an English teacher that specializes in rhetoric and speech.I believe that I may have a lot to offer the forum members. In addition, I have found many interesting threads written by intelligent members. Good reading on my down time.