Word meanings: north, northern, northerly, etc

Hi all,

For each number below, can each word be the same meaning? (that means we can use either of them (for each number) without changing the meaning of the sentence).

north (adj), northern (adj), northerly (adj)

fault (noun), mistake (noun)

potential (noun), potentiality (noun)

clothes (noun), garment (noun), clothing (noun)

ending (noun), end (noun)

extra (adj), additional (adj)

base (noun), basic (noun)

capacity (noun), capability (noun), ability (noun)

horrible (noun), terrible (adj)



Hi VKhanh

This question is much too general and long to answer.
You’re in essence asking people to create and evaluate the meanings of literally thousands of possible sentences.

What sentences? My suggestion to you is to post your own sentences using these words. Then we can give you feedback.

For now, I’ll just give you a very global answer to your question: No, you can’t interchange the words indiscriminately.