“Porn movies are offensive and degrading to women and females.”

What is the difference b/w “women” and “females” in their subtle meanigns?
Any different connotations?

I wouldn’t expect there to be any need to differentiate in that particular example. ‘And females’ is unnecessary, there in my view.

The main difference is that a woman is always a female but a female doesn’t have to be a woman.
(baby, girl, teenage girl, animal)


The same difference can be seen between ‘men’ and ‘males’. ‘Female’ and ‘male’ are used as adjectives to describe gender for people and any living form. ‘Men’ and ‘women’ are reserved for people only. When we use ‘females’ and ‘males’ for people we usually reserve them to describe people in statistics.


Thank you, Beeesneees and Alan. I’ve got it.