With the Academy Awards season

With the Academy Awards season upon us, here are some hotels where you can buff up on Oscar winners from the past—or watch one of this year’s nominees in a style worthy of its own gleaming statue.

I feel difficult with the “upon us”. Could someone please explain it to me?

It is almost time for the Acadamy Awards season. (It is very close.)


Oh, good grief.

It was a slip, which Mother1 got right anyway.
I think this must be your philosophy when it comes to me, but if it makes you happy to keep nit-picking at my posts, go ahead. I’ll stick around just to give you the sport.

What strange reasoning!

The difference is Maggie made that mistake 5 times.
You may not have realised that because you don’t actually perform any of the moderation tasks on the group so you won’t have deleted the repeated messages.


Perhaps I should not ignore this comment:

I have no ‘philosophy’ regarding Bev. What a grandiose concept! If I have a ‘philosophy’, it would hardly revolve around a total stranger. What prompted the comment was mentioning the incorrect spelling of a word. I have done this on several occasions pointing out the wrong use of a word, the wrong explanation of a piece of grammar and several typos, which have at times confused our readers.

I referred to the comment I have quoted as ‘strange reasoning’ because I had always assumed that Bev had dedicated so much time since joining the forum out of pure altruism but now I am told she will ‘stick around’ to ‘give me the sport’. Now that sounds distinctly odd.

Dear me. Your agenda is showing again.

First the philosophy, now the agenda! Still, despite your standard comment of deflection, the message (no philosophy, no agenda) has clearly been absorbed.

If you say so. Personally I don’t understand what message you are talking about, though I’m not too concerned about understanding what you are talking about, so no matter.
It appears that you have changed your mind regarding what your comment about ‘strange reasoning’ referred to, in which case perhaps you ought to edit out the quote. I also see that you have misinterpreted the the idea that I’m sticking around just to give you the sport - perhaps that misunderstanding is based on sheer egotism.

I think this is yours -