Will rather vs. would rather

why has been chosen the third choice in the following :
_____ go to on holiday to California or Florida?
Do you rather
Will you rather
x Would you rather
Won’t you rather

Because ‘Would you rather’ is the correct construction.

It would be great if you could read this: What is a meaningful message title?

Thanks a lot,

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ok, thanks i will avoid that .

but why didn’t use :will you rather.
please , i’m poor for differntial between will, would and can, could and shill, should etc…
many thanks

Hi Huda,

‘Rather’ when put together with the verb ‘be’ has the suggestion of preference together with a a conditional element. In other words a conditional sentence can be expressed as follows: I would rather go to Florida if I had a choice.


I’ve changed the title for you. By the way, please also start following basic punctuation and capitalization rules. In English, we start every sentence with a capital letter and the personal pronoun I is also capitalized. I’m sure you learned this so why not stick these basic rules?[YSaerTTEW443543]

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