will have been/will be

  1. Next week I will have been here for six months.
  2. Next week I will be here for six months.
    Which of the above sentence is correct?
    I feel #1 is OK.

For me, 1st sentence is correct. Lets wait for the answer from moderators.

You are both right. Sentence #1 is the one which makes sense.

for me 2nd is right sentenc 2. Next week I will be here for six months.

Please read the above responses, Gilemette.

Next week I will be here… does not work. You have to use ‘will have been’ so that the reference is to the spoint of time at which you first arrived until the present.

Hi Gilemette,

If you think about it, being in a place for six months inside one week is a physical impossibility.


It could be correct but without " for six months".

Next week, I’ll be here.
Next week, I’ll have been here for six months.

“for six months” is an adverb of time which goes with tenses that are perfected.


I have read that Americans try to avoid the future perfect

as much as possible. Is there ANY way you could express

“By next week, I will have been here for six months”

WITHOUT using the future perfect?

Thank you

Hello James M,

Do you happen to post under the name “GrammarFan” on another ESL forum?

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Then you already have a very informed answer to your question, James M.

Next week I will have been here for six months is correct whenever you want to say about future or past thing with the use of for then you must be use ‘have been’ not in each sentences but as you asked this kind of sentences ll make sense when we use have been.

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I disagree.
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