Will computers take over from teachers?

As computers are being used more and more in education, there will be soon no role for teachers in the classroom.

It is evident from the last two decades that computers are playing a vital role in our day to day lives. This role ranges from the uses in the offices for several purposes, in the schools and universities to help both the teachers and student and even in the household acivities to get the online recipes and range of continental food. This is in a way helpful for people but at the same time affecting socail and traditional ways of accomplishing the tasks.

However,usuage of computers in our education system is increasing with span of time. In current era many schools are utilizing the computers for giving the home work and assignments through emails or the school portals. This replaces the role of teachers, who in past asking students to write the homework and at the same time explaining them how to get in done which result in lack of understanding to many of students.

Moreover, the submission of assignments are also computer based these day. This effects the actual ability of student, as many of the students taking the notes from internet and just doing the copy paste for submitting their assignments. As a result, student are not learning and increasing their knowledge by submitting the required task. This effects the efficiency and ability of students. Therefore even student after getting the good grades after submitting the assignments are not eligible and of no value in the society.

In conclusion, it is a reality that computers are replacing the role in teachers in classroom but actually it is not beneficial for the children. We should realize this issue and put more of our efforts for resolving the problem, where part roles of both would result in better education to our children.

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Hi Anna, I thought your essay was pretty good. You have an effective structure, a good introduction, and pretty good examples, but it would be better if they were more detailed. Your writing is clear for the most part, but you do have a lot of mistakes in your article use. I feel for you, as getting the articles right is one of the biggest challenges for English learners. You also have a few other errors in usage and a couple of awkward sounding phrases. Overall, I would rate this a 4 out of 5.