will be doing v.s. will do


I’m trying to figure out the difference between “will be doing v.s. will do”.Could you tell me if my interpretation of the sentences below holds water, please?

1.1. By the way, I won’t be attending the meeting (I was not invited to atttend this meeting)
1.2. By the way, I won’t attend the meeting (I think I will not go because I don’t feel like attending this meeting)

2.1 I don’t think I’ll be going to the concert with them (They did not invite me)
2.2 I don’t think I’ll go to the concert with them (I don’t want to go with them)

Any comments and improvements on the way I interpreted these sentences are highly appreciated :slight_smile:

False differentiations, all of them. Wherever did you get those ideas? The difference is that the progressive in some way attaches greater commitment, interest, immediacy, etc. to the statement.