Why we put simple past and we didn't use simple present?

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I have question, could you help me, please?

When I did homework they ask from me (complete this paragraph. use the past tens ….

This exercise not complete, but I want to know why we put simple past and we didn’t use simple present here and we use [color=red]always and [color=red]often.

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Hi Mba

The words often and always (and other adverbs of frequency) are not just used with the simple present tense. These words can also be used to say how often things happened in the past. Adverbs of frequency are just used to say how often something happens or happened.

The most common adverbs of frequency are:
[b]- always

  • usually
  • frequently
  • often
  • sometimes
  • occasionally
  • rarely
  • seldom
  • hardly ever
  • never[/b]

Your homework is a little story about someone when he was young. He is only talking about the past (when he was at school). And in the story he mentions how often various things happened at that (past) time in his life.

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