Why wasn't Jim Washington interviewed for the story?

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please explain in bold:
Why wasn’t Jim Washington interviewed for the story?

many thanks

Which part?
There’s nothing strange or idiomatic there.

Does it mean that Jim had played in the story and was interviewed as a famous person who had acted in this play ot had an interview which was conducted by someone from mass media?
interviewed for the story= interviewed in the matter of the story someone had played?

The ‘story’ (newspaper article) was being written by the interviewer who is a reporter.
Someone is asking him why Jim wasn’t interviewed.

We can assume that Jim was involved in this event, whatever it might have been. (It isn’t necessarily a play).

my minor question, is it correct, we say:
interviewed for the story - someone
an/the interview to the story?


I would use ‘for’ or ‘of’ in both those phrases, but it’s difficult to see what you mean from just a small phrase. Could you give an example?

ok, for example:
I was interviewd for the story.
I had an interview to the story.
What do you think?

I don’t understand what you are trying to get at by saying ‘I had an interview to the story’.

‘I had an interview to the story’->I mean: A reporter interviewed me to put the info from me in the story. - What do you think?
Maybe should I say: ‘I had an interview for the story’?

That would be 'for the story ’ or ‘about the incident/occasion on which the story was based’.