why there is no article before the noun verisimilitude

Please, help me to understand why there is no article used before the noun “verisimilitude”.
Thank you.

Hi Pollere,

It’s not really possible to say why there is no article with a particular noun unless you know the context. Do you have a sentence using ‘verisimilitude’ that has no article?


Hi Alan,

Thank you. I actually have 3 such examples.

“The old man’s massive forehead, penetrating eyes and enormous beard lent verisimilitude to this unappealing portrait.”

“For those plays, Ms. Smith interviewed hundreds of people of different races and ages, somehow managing to internalize their expressions, anger and quirks enough to be able to portray them with astonishing verisimilitude.”

“In an attempt to create verisimilitude, in addition to the usual vulgarities, the dialogue is full of street slang.”


In all those sentences ‘verisimilitude’ is used as an abstract noun and is not specified and therefore needs no article. You could use ‘reality’ in place of each one and the same would apply. If you changed the first sentence and specified the noun, then you would need an article as in:


I see. Thank you for your explanation.