Why should I use the Online Voice Recorder?

Hi everyone,

Here are some reasons why you should our Online Voice Recorder…


TOEIC listening, talks: Announcing the retirement of a company’s president[YSaerTTEW443543]

Post a voice message here, on the forum.

I second Dimitar.

Congrats on the video Torsten.

And as soon as my hay fever sneezing fits are over I will record more voice messages, and if it is only to encourage others to do so, too. :wink:

Andrea, I suffered for many years, with no relief in sight. Then I came to Germany and tried Vividrin. Never suffered from hay-fever again. It’s wonderful.


Hi Torsten! I will record my message like you. It’s very interesting and convenient to share ideas through this forum and take more encourage from all english learners all over the world.

I´m not sure if I know how to use online voice record

Hi torsten,
I record a paragraph of English. Please tell me if my pronunciatiion is ok or not.
Thanks much.

I can’t record my voice because the device on the forum has been locked. I only see the red diagonal ([color=red]x)


tbn2.google.com/images?q=tbn:SNv … rlhead.JPG

Notice the resemblance?

We don’t have Vividrin in Sweden. In Sweden we use Clarityn or Lomudal and a few more sorts of medicine.

Hi everyone,
I am Jerry from Bulgaria! I really enjoy visiting your site and receiving your lessons. I am trying to learn English alone and I don’t know if my way of learning is right. Also I have never had a chance to talk with someone in English and I don’t know how my own voice will sound. So I will appreciate your opinion and I will be glad if you show me my mistakes. Thank you in advance!

Please listen to my recording and respond with a voice message too. Many thanks.

Dear torsten
previously i was very busy with my family problem now i am back to my lesson but i think i miss a lot of lesson. Day before yesterday i got the new lesson how can i improve my pronounciation iam very glad that now a days i can speak english not fluently but i think its ok but i want to improve it much more… hope u help me ya i just wan to know where do i can record the voice message.
thank you once again for sending me the lesson if there is any mistake in my writing please let me know… :slight_smile:

It works though…but I really want to talk with native…real time talk…you know, like talk by microphone or face to face :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi,how i can use this recorder.

english-test.net/community/i … o_messages[YSaerTTEW443543]

TOEFL listening discussions: A conversation between a dorm mother and a resident[YSaerTTEW443543]

hi dearTorsten, really i have tried many times but it didn’t work i can’t recored my voice maybe the net is so slow or something else anyway it is a grat idea …thanks veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy much

Hi everyone,

I am Meera from UAE. In previous email, I recorded my voice and talked about my major as a translator. I have been looking for a job since 2 months ago after my graduation and I applied for a job in many institutes but no replay so far. I am really optimistic in that especially my major is demanding in many places. What I am concerned about is my speaking and pronounciation which are not bad but not that good also. Some people asked me if I am good in a interpreter but to be honest I am not very good in it as much as in written translation. However,I am working in improving this skill. Wish me luck in finding the proper job.

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Dear Terson.

I am very sorry to one of those who have not yet recorded their voice into the forum recording machine, due to a problem I could’t able to record my messages, when ever I type my text and click on the “Record voice message” a red arow appears meaning that I cant record any message. for that problem please excuse me till I over come this mess.

Happy to share with you the ideas and the learning.


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