Why not join me to you?

Hi Everyone!

My first name is Martine. I live in the South-West of France, in Toulouse. I am retired and I am trying to learn English. Hard challenge, you know…!
Have a nice day !

hello martine

nice to met you I’m ayman from morocco

hello Martine and Ayman I 'm Mehdi from Iran
glad to meet you in english-test.net


Hello Martine,

you are welcome.


hi, Martine, how are you?

I would like me join to you, may I? I am absolutely new here , know nobody. I am from Germany, but at the moment I am in Russia, because of my mom - she is ill.
I would be very thankful to you if you answer…
with best wishes

hello Martine , I am happy to join with you all in order to improve my English Skill , am trying to learn English as time as french . Thanks in advance .