Why my post submitted a few days ago has disappeared?

my post submitted a few days ago has disappeared.


you too!!!
:shock: :shock: :shock: :mrgreen:

before days, Herc said his private messages have disappeared too.

I think we [color=red]need to explaining from Slava about these things!!!


:shock: :shock: :shock:

Hi floratang, could you please tell us what your post was about? There is no reason why anyone should remove any of your messages without telling you.


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Hi floratang

What was your post about? I remember seeing a thread a day or two ago with a question about “Ratner”, but when I came back to answer it a little while later it had disappeared. Are you referring to that thread ?

I thought whoever had posted it had simply found the answer and decided to delete it themselves. :shock:


Yes, I also remember the question and even wanted to make a search for the word, but the thread had disappeared before… :frowning:

Just for the record, “Ratner” refers to a developer named Bruce Ratner, and some of his projects are being/have been widely criticized.