Why don't the audio recordings not work?

Why don’t audio recordings work? I can’t hear anything. should I pay for that or it’s free?

thanks in advance

It’s free. You may have to adjust the volume on your speakers.

Hello Leila,

Can you hear sound from other sources on your computer?
For example, can you hear the sound file on the following page when you click the ‘play’ button?


Unfortunately not.But it’s not your fault.since I follow your lessons from my work office and here Internet access dosen’t allow me to visit some sites so it’s not possible for me to hear your listening practice.Anyway I appreciate your kind consideration.
In the meantime, may I ask my english questions by this way? I dont want to take your time just want to learn more.


In that case, my guess is that you can’t hear our audio files due to restrictions on your network or your computer in the office.
You are welcome to ask questions about English, though. That’s the reason the forums exist.