Why do you think people attend college or university?

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People go to college or university for many reasons. In my opinion, two main reasons motivating students to attend college are to gain more knowledge and skills, persue their career.
Firstly, university is the best environment for students to learn knowledge and gain essential skills. You can choose subjects, which you are interested in, in the list of hundreds of different subjects to be educated. For example, your major is accounting but you like engineering, computer science and arts simultaneously. You are strongly motivated to register extra them. Moreover, friends and professors in classes are always a great stimulus for your studying. When I was a third-year student had been overwhelmed by huge difficult homeworks, my professors gave me useful advice and my classmates also helped me so much by studying in group. Besides, learning at university is also required you to learn and train so many soft skills. Through a project your group has to present in front of the class, you can be used team working skills, problem solving skills, presentation skills and time management skills in order to gain the maximum score. And during the time you learn in university, you will must carry out various projects with a variety of skills will be required.
At university, students are educated and skilled to become a professional. Indeed, various major subjects in university have a same goal is that helps students can pick up their dream that they have had as soon as possible through knowledge and skills. Imagine you could change from a normal person to a professional respected by many people after just about 4 or 6 years. I still remember when I decided to go to college, I just knew I’m interested in banking but I did not know how to become a banker and at university, I was leared all of it. Now, I’m working for a bank just a year after graduation. Hence, attending university is extremely necessary for a good job.
In conclusion, people attending college are attracted by many things such as experience campus life, make friends but above all, academic knowledge and soft skills, a good job in the future are the key targets that any student plan to gain before entering the gate of university.

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Hi Khuevu, I thought this essay was very good. You addressed the topic well and your reasons and examples are quite convincing. Your personal examples were relevant and did a good job supporting your reasons, especially all the skills you were able to learn through your group work, but adding even more detail is always a good idea if you have time. Maybe go into detail on the particular knowledge and experience you gained that helped you find your great banking job and the lessons from college that you use while doing your work. Your writing was very clear, but you did have some phrases that could be improved and some mistakes in grammar and usage here and there. This is really close to a 4, but with your errors in execution I think I can only rate it a 3.5

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I will try to repair all of mistakes.