Why do you think people attend college or university?(Rewrite)

Education is an indispensable phase in one’s life. People nowadays pay more attention on high education, believing that the higher educated one is, the more likely he will have a better future. Therefore, many people spare no effort to get admitted into prestigious universities. Nevertheless, few of them actually attend college, take part in the dynamic extracurricular activities, and gain a comprehensive insight into the courses in colleges. Some people even considers it a waste of time rather than working a part-time job to accumulate occupational experiences.

On the contrary, in my opinion, attending college is substantially more than finding a place to learn. It’s a crucial period that spans our innocence and maturity. We can avail ourselves of the occasion to acquire latest knowledge, observe our interests and aptitude, and grab the opportunities to make use of our creativity. In addition, we can learn to forge a firm relationship between peers since the university campus us a shrink of the whole society. By interacting with a myriad of people, we will get to mirror ourselves, and to crystalize different personalities, which is essentially helpful to our future career. Briefly to say, undergraduate is a important stage that stand as a perfect preparation to our future job, which is also the reason why many people lay emphasis on the four years.