Why do people go to college?

People have different incentives from going to college. These incentives differs from one person to another. Some people go to college to achive better job. Thechnology is changed every thing in the world. if you want to become a successful person in you job you should have enough science about it. People can get new sciences about their jobs in college but for being successful they should have enough experience too.Companies always need for Specialists.
Some People go to colleege becouse they are interested about a determined science like philosephy, art , etc. they go to college just to learn some thing more about their enthusiasm. it is not important for them to get mony from this way. they just enjoy to learn.
some other people may go to college because they want to help people. For example some one wants to become a doctor. a dotcor has more apportunity to save others life. It can be true in other courses like engineering. For example a mine engineer who want to explor new mines for developing his/her country can be classified in this group.
Some People go to college for other incentives.Maybe some one go to college because he dose not want to have lower educational degree than his wife. It is possible that some one go to college becouse he/she thinks that there is no other way.
So there is different incentives for different people to go to college. some people may have more than one incentive from going to college.

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Hi Mahdi, you have some good ideas here. Make sure to be careful about your spaces after periods and capitalizing the first word of every sentence, but not common nouns like “people” or “specialists”. These should be easy things to correct and will avoid giving the grader an excuse to lower your score. Your writing is generally understandable, but you do have some vague phrases here and there and some incorrect word choices. Overall, I would rate this a band 5.5.