Why can't i go direct to "reapeat test" in offline modus?

hello alan,

i hope you don’t mind if i ask stuff like this. but i realy use your test’s nearly as everyday exercise and i like to know:

  1. why can’t i go direct to “reapeat test” in offline modus? i can reapeat the test in offline modus if i go back to “english-test.net” and do it again. but then, most of the time i don’t know anymore where i was or which test i have made (because once you made the test the number of the test is always marked blue).

  2. the problems comes then right hard when i am at the “correct answers” part and i have a question at you.
    so, my suggestion is: it would be helpful if i at the “correct answers” part could see which test i am just doing. number-level-and which form of test’s.

with best regards

Dear Judith,

You soon will be able to download an offline version of the tests for a small fee. This test package comes without advertising so you can do all tests on your local PC as often as you want and you can ask questions regarding the tests here on the forum.
In addition there will be a printable version of all tests with the correct answers.[YSaerTTEW443543]

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