Why are addressing Alan with "Dear Sir"?

You wrote:

Why are addressing Alan with “Dear Sir”?

What does (1) mean?


To address somebody means to refer to somebody.[YSaerTTEW443543]

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Thanks Sir,

But, the matter is, clearly that, firstly, it’s Mr.Alan who gave me the topic. So, it’s obvious I began the message with “Dear Sir”. So, what do you mean when writing:

Why are addressing Alan with “Dear Sir”?

I don’t really understand the meaning in this case. Please interpret for me.


Why are addressing Alan with “Dear Sir”?

Lady or Sir,

Why are you addressing Alan with Dear Sir?

Is it you missing here or I am maybe noy informed about something.

About Sirs or Ladies etc…
It is very formal language and nobody is expecting doing things to formal here.
I like it sometimes just for fun to call somebody that way
(special women) but English spoken countries had long tradition of getting rid of nobles and they like to emphasize it.
It is not important from my point of view.
In my country we use on a daily basic Lady or Sir. English
accurate translation would be Mrs & Mr and I cope literally these forms in my oral / written pidgin English.

Give them this satisfaction and start to call everybody by
his nickname/name.

It means nothing unrespective but it is what people expect.

It is much more fun to have a conversation with people who already have got some grip on English ( are more fluent)
but I had learnt a lot from Your posts simply because answers are more and more interesting :lol:


If for Polish,Germans,Russians - English language is very hard to study.
Then for Vietnamese, Japanese, Chinese or Koreans it would be ten times more difficult.
Imagine please the effort already done by a student.