Who's Claudia?

Yesterday I visited Mr. Kyaw the bloke in his nuthouse in Ladidashangrila again.

He mentioned one of his old friends Claudia, as well.

I asked, who’s she, why on the earth is she so special?

He said I’ve never seen such a woman with 'that lots of grey matter. Poetic and artistic and scientific and all that possible- tic. I admire her a lot .

She’s so gorrrrgeous too, apart from that ,he longed.

Oh I see.

Claudia, Claudia like Cloud in the air.

Dear longing Knight!

All what you wrote about Claudia, -it is a pure true.

I’m sure that she will read your longing message.

And she will be pleased to read it.

Your heart is full of love. It is nice.


Yup, Claudia is all that. And more, I’m sure! :slight_smile:

Dear Gorgeous and Genius.

It is of course Claudia is a rare species of woman, as Mr. Kyaw’s words.

Funfunluvluv comrades. Love you.

Mr. Kyaw said he’s got 5 ladies he admire as his guardian angels on this site. Kind hearted Alicja, Poetic and knowledgeable Claudia, Genius Cristina and Witty lovely Moinca.

Missing one? Aha aha as usual, Mr. Kyaw’s ways.

I myself feel like I’m a lucky bloke to be your friend as well.


Dear Black Tiger!

Yes! You have there 5 guardian angels, on this site. And even

if you didn’t mention this fifth one, she will know, who you have in

your mind. And she won’t be sorry that you omitted her.

You are lucky fellow, and we are lucky to have you, as our dear, and witty friend.

Don’t stay away from us too long. Here, on the Earth

sometimes is so great boredom. And there, on the Moon,

even with Kyaw, who in some way is like you, there is cold and dark.
I think it isn’t favourable atmosphere to be romantic Romeo, or even the loving poet.

Take it into consideration,dear friend.

Oh! how boring I’m in this screed. I’m ashamed. I had better go to bed. Goodnight.



Dear Black Knight,

please tell your dear friend, Mr. Kyaw, that he is quite a charmer!


Yesss! Eeeeeviiiiiiiiiil!

Hours later . . .

Hello all,

now that I have found my tongue again, I would like to thank you for your wonderful words and also for thinking so highly of me.

Though I don’t even come close to the beautiful description that Mr. Kyaw had given you about me, dear Black Knight, I felt very honored when I read it. To say that I am flattered sounds too superficial and that is the only reason why I won’t say it. Rather, I felt that there was somebody very far away who was thinking of me. This may sound pathetic, but is this something that any human being should take for granted? Personally, I don’t think so. People wish for health, money and luck, but the lack of these things are much easier to bear if you have someone who cares about you.

Dear guys and gals, your words mean a lot to me and so does our friendship. I hope you believe me when I say that I never forgot you and never will.

Unless I get Alzheimer’s.

Hugs and best wishes sent your way,


That was NOT what I had in mind, Claudia.

IF you were thinking about a certain p.m. when you wrote that, then could we chalk that misunderstanding up to my suspicious nature?

IF I’m jumping to the wrong conclusion (again), then… OOOPS! :slight_smile:

Look, Black Knight! You got Claudia to talk with us! Well done! :)))

Oh, dear! Did I once again put my foot in my mouth?! LOL. What message? I was just being goofy, as usual.

Oh, gooood! :slight_smile:

I gave him your remark. A charmer.

And he got inflated, poor bloke.

Have fun.