who take part in his teachings

Hello everyone

I’d like to ask about the meaning of the phrase “who take part in his teachings” in the following context:

Over the years I have seen things in those encounters that I suppose
other people could hardly imagine in their wildest dreams.
I have seen other universes, have watched life come and go, and have
met extraordinary beings in other dimensions. I’ve seen the other side
of that grand illusion called death.
Ramtha has always challenged those who take part in his teachings
to apply them in the light of scientific knowledge, practical
experiment, and everyday life. In that way we no longer need to
believe; we know. The subject of orbs is a case in point. Ramtha had
spoken of beings who inhabit other planes of existence.

Does the phrase refers to ‘persons whom Ramtha teaches’, or does it refers to ‘persons who were taught by him and also who spread his views/doctrine after he taught them’? In other words, are they (the ones who take part in his teachings) simply his students or are they his students who spread his views?

Earlier the author writes as follows:

Then, thirty years ago, I began a dramatic new life phase that
made perfect sense of all the experiences of my youth. The entity
Ramtha entered my life and began speaking through me. Early on in
our relationship he taught me how to transcend my physical reality.