Who shares my Birthday...

29 May Births

Henry, Patrick (1736)
Hope, Bob (1903)
Kennedy, John F. (1917)
Kamen, Jack (1920)
Robinson, V. Gene (1947)
Hinckley, John Jr. (1955)
Bening, Annette (1958)
Etheridge, Melissa (1961)
McGruder, Aaron (1974)
Barros, Ana Beatriz (1982)
Anthony, Carmelo (1984)

Happy Birthday Hello

A birthday is not a birthday if you don’t remember the people who have walked with you.

From my point of view, a birthday makes me think of those whom I’ve gotten to know over the years. It is through them that I can walk this far and make the year meaningful.

Here I’ll like to give thanks to everyone who have contacted me and send their birthday wishes and gifts, be it via mail, email, phonecall, sms or even in person.

And for all our friends here -in this forum- , I would like to say , from the bottom of my heart, many,many thanks for YOU and your sweet words .

Thank you Sir Bill ,
Thank you Daemon99

Thank you A.REVENKO
Thank you T.Natsvaldaze
Thank you S.Hamilton
Thank you M. Rony
Thank you A. Chris
Thank you J.Jorges
Thank you F.Frank.

I remember the events, happenings and people that have influenced me to help me become who I am.
Now is also the time to set directions of the New Year.
It’s a renewed decision and commitment to Excel Beyond Excellence.

I learn and relearn,

Peace,mercy,and blessings upon you all .

All the best ,

Salam ,
Dubai - UAE

You have the same birthday as Hinckley, John Jr. That’s a real distinction! He was the guy who was obsessed with the actress Jodie Foster and thought that if he shot President Reagan she would pay attention to him.

May the child within your heart stay forever.

Happy Birthday.

Did you blow out the candles (on the cake) on the first try?

Manythanks for you Happytofita.

Yes , Prezbucky …and if you blow them all out in one try, your wish comes true. I’ve had experience! don’t forget that “Everything you can imagine is real.”

The blowing out of the candles began with the Greek tradition in honor of the birthday of Artemis, goddess of the moon, marriage and childbirth. For this occasion special cakes were baked in the shape of the moon and candles were placed on altars within the temple.
During the celebration the candles were to be blown out with one breath, and Artemis would then gaze favorably upon her worshippers.

Sorry , many thanks for you Sir Bill , for your second incentive , amiable private message.Bill=Sly!!.
We do have to fight for our H.Rudiment.