Who of you is in love? Let's talk about love, OK?

Hey guys!
Are you in love?
I AM!!!
And thats the most beautiful feelong I have ever had!!! Its Valentines Day in a few days…so…go on…do you have someone special?
close to your heart?

Yes, I AM IN LOVE!!! Im in love with the most handsome, kind, clever, intelligent, smart and just wonderful guy!!! Unfortunately were separated… Therere 5.000 kilometres between us...Its even difficult to call each other. But still I just adore him!!! He`s the best for me…

Hi Dear! I understand you. You may use internet for connection.

I understand you Jailbird. When I and my fiancee fell in love with each other we had been living far away from each other… :frowning:
and it was terrible… But after one year we decided to live together! Half distance from our families and homes!
We`re still together and we are the happiest under the sun!!
Love is a beautiful feeling but as delicate as glass…

I’m in love. But this is a one-side-thing, I guess. We went out some times and it was really nice even if he might be shy and we haven’t kissed yet. He is maybe to coolly, to young to have something serious. I think a lot about him, too much for me. I’m normaly the type who hasn’t any feelings, just messes around and has fun…but with him it is different. Even more annoying that he behaves to awkward.

buhu no valentine’s days card…just a sad text by a guy I don’t really like.

Pilates… I am sure that when it comes to love it is sth that needs time…so maybe…who knows…but anyway…I wish u all the best!!! :-*

I don’t care anymore. He was successful in cooling me down…The gossip about us is much more interesting than the real life…what shall I say? I have 10 men at one hand I don’t need him.

Must sound bad…
Nevermind :twisted:

It doesnt sound bad..thats just life…isn`t it?

Its not bad...Its not that kind of a great problem… I do think so…

I think it is very common nowadays…

I saw him today again…I like him really much. I don’t want to leave it like this. Some girls advise me to go to him and kiss him…but that’s an advice I usually don’t follow.

He is like a little boy in the body (a great one :twisted: ) of a man…I have to live with it.

…and that`s not advice at all… :roll:
Listen to yourself…
Take care!

And i was in love and actually still am but it’s all finished:((
But yes, being in love is the most fantastic feeling and really is worth even these dreadful moments after being left or seeing that the person you love isn’t the one you fell in love with.
Best regards for all girls, especially those from poland:)