Who kept your name?

Hi teachers,

Who named you?
Who kept your name? Which one is more natural?

“Our” is a long or short vowel?

Many thanks in advnace.

‘Who kept you name?’ doesn’t make any sense in comparison to ‘who named you?’ so perhaps you ought to provide the context so that we can be clear what you are speaking about.

‘Our’ is not a vowel. It is a word.
If you are asking about the ‘-our’ phoneme in the word ‘your’, you can hear the pronunciation here:
oald8.oxfordlearnersdictionaries … onary/your
I would ignore the ‘weak form’ audio samples on the second line though! I don’t think they’ve been able to successfully isolate the sounds to get the emphasis right.

Is “Who named you?” the same with “Who has given you this name”?
Thank you!

Hi Stejar,
Yes, it is.

When a baby is born, he/she is named. So can I ask somoene “who named you”?

Yes, and I understood that part.
It is ‘Who kept your name?’ that I questioned.