Who is still awake?

It is five in the morning right now! I went my bed one hour ago, but poor me! Guess what? Yes, my 11p.m. bed-time has been shifted to 6a.m.
So, I got up and now I am typing the context of this post. In fact, a little ago, I was surfing this website, and somehow I decided to create this post. To be honest I was decided to do it last week. I think I am not able to sleep before midnight for a while.

What about you? Have you ever had any disorderliness with your bed-time? Do you have insomnia? I hope you don’t so. Had you have it once, and now it has luckily gone? What had you done? Had you stayed awake for one more time to get really tired for the tomorrow night? Had you used any drug? Had you stayed in your bed until the morning? Had you…

I look forward to hearing you.


Hi salivan,

It happens in most case with me every night, but I think is not like you.
My wife, when lay down, get to sleep very quickly, she sleeps like a baby, but I can’t get to sleep quickly, in general, I stay awake looking at the ceiling until I get to sleep hehe.
I’ve never used any kind of drug, sometimes I like to make myself a tea, or just drink a cup of warm milk hehe.

See you.

I assert that your tiredness is not enough to make yourself fall asleep…why not try to do some exercise one or two hours after dinner?
You must be asleep now, have a sweet dream.

Glorning I wanted to, but I couldn’t. Doing exercises sounds good. I hope that I manage to do some!
Marcelo, Lucky her.


Pasban110, dude I am hoping that your insomnia will be prevented as soon as possible, I had the same problem one year ago. But, all of sudden it disappear.

Many thanks for your sympathies.
It’s been a while that I am challenging with this bed-time shifting.
I even didn’t sleep last night. This afternoon, Mom didn’t let me to get some rest, and by now, I feel a little bit sleepy. I think it’s better not to resist against this feeling.

Well, I am going to lay down. Zzzzz…


Hi Salivan,

Apparently, I experience the same sleeping disorder as you do. I sleep at 4 a.m in the morning. I usually wake up at 10 or 11 a.m, feeling like being beaten to a pulp when I do.

This sleeping disorder has been around with me for quite a while. I recall that I started to stay up very, very late from a year ago. Afterwards, I became sort of nocturnal.

I share your pain, brother. I really do. As an insomniac, I work very ineffectifely during the day and feels very energetic in the afternoon or twilight. It is safe to say that my circadian rythm is a complete mess.

I really hope that you will return to your normal sleep cycle soon. You still need to study and you have a whole future in front of you.