Who is Daniela (Moderator)?


Could you please tell me who Daniela is? I have read some of her posts. Apparently she was a moderator here. Where is she now??


Danilela Encheva?

english-test.net/esl/profess … cheva.html

As I understand, Daniela had prepared some tests for the site.

Why do you think, Tom, she is/was a moderator? (I haven’t found any notes about that.)

Yes, Tamara

She has been/ was/ is a moderator on this forum. See for example:

‘Can you fit the pieces’ vs. ‘Can you match the pieces’


Maybe, used to be…
The (nick)names of current forum’s moderators can be currently seen on the main forum’s page…

Hi Tom,

If you look at the first page of this site, you will see Daniela’s picture just before my mug shot. Click on her picture and you will find your answer.