who is correct? (I spelt program and my friend spelt programme)

I spelt program and my friend spelt programme…
I spelt rumor, my friend spelt rumour…
I spelt color, my friend spelt colour…

Now, who is correct? We have a heated debate over the differences in English for more than a week. So who is correct? Whose spelling is correct?

Am i right? :?

program = American English
programme = British English

rumor = American English
rumour = British English

color = American English
colour = British English

In American English, the correct spelling of some words is different from the correct British spelling. In other words, both spellings are correct – it depends on which version of English you are using. It is best to choose one spelling system (e.g. either American spelling or British spelling) and stick with it.

In view of the fact that you spelled ‘spelt’ the British way, you seem to be mixing two different systems of spelling. :wink:

My favorite example is this:

American English: Maneuver / Maneuverability
British English: Manoeuvre / Manoeuvrability

There are some words that are pronounced differently – different syllables are stressed. One such word is “laboratory”:

American: LAB-ra-tory
British: la-BOR-a-tory

Oh my english sucks. Sigh :cry:

Actually, it’s 'la-BOR-a-tri’.

ahh, yes. I overlooked that.



Or you just say lab. Most Brits do, we like to shorten are words ya know? ; )

cheers stew.t.

Hey, NS, I was just kidding you a little bit. Your English is generally pretty good. :smiley:

Are you serious? My English is good? :?

hehehe… Please tell me truthfully… i want to know the real truth… please don’t lie to me. :cry:

Based on the previous post, your English is pretty good. I’d remove “real” from “i want to know the real truth” since it’s a little bit redundant, but I’m being very picky.

I loved picky instructors. That’s how i learn…