Who can be elected president of the US?

People keep saying that if Obama gets elected, he’ll be America’s “first black president”, but he won’t be. He’ll be America’s first mulatto president. We still won’t know if Americans will elect a black man.

We also won’t know some other things: Will Americans elect a man whose ancestry is not from the British Isles or Holland? So far, when they’ve had the opportunity to elect people of Greek, Italian or Polish origin, they haven’t done it. (Of course, there can be reasons for this other than ethnicity.)

I’m old enough to remember all the talk there was that JFK couldn’t be elected – because he was Catholic. :shock:

You know what? I think if another Catholic ran now, people would be saying the same thing. Maybe it would be worse.

When Mit Romney’s father (one of the best governors ever of my state) ran for president, there was never any talk about his Mormonism making him unelectable, but look what they were saying about Romney the younger this year.

If Obama fails to get elected (I think McCain will get most of the moderate votes in the end – because he’s more moderate – and end Obama’s run), let’s hope it’s NOT due to his race.

Let’s hope it’s because he’s a capitalism-hating, tax-loving, hammer-and-sickle-toting liberal Democrat.


His new thing is that we should go back to the policy of simply treating terrorists as ordinary criminals and prosecuting them in court. He points to the incarceration of the first World Trade Center bombers as an example of this policy’s “success”. He facilely omits the fact that their organization remained intact and destroyed the towers later.

Some Republican black pastors (sounds like an oxymoron, but that’s what they are) were calling Obama “the Manchurian candidate” on their radio show last Saturday.


Seriously, to what degree do you think he’d try to raise taxes to pay for all of his social programs? Would we become Sweden?

If McSame is elected as president… there’d be no country in peace… He will wage war on every country. He’ll find reasons to attack China… and then India. Racist and a war-monger :oops:

Whoa! I wonder what THIS guy’s been reading! (Or smoking.)

It’s very hard to imagine what reason McCain would find to attack India. That assertion’s really bizarre!

You sound like the Danish kid who told me that because the US had retaliated against Libya for its sponsorship of terrorism, then certainly Denmark would be next. Very buggy logic!

The worst wars don’t come when you have a former military officer in the White House. They usually come when you have someone who is afraid to use military power, because that emboldens terrorists and aggressive nations. Terrorism went through the roof under the Carter administration, because he was famously reticent about using the military. We had a huge military buildup under Reagan, and we had relatively little trouble, because it was known he wouldn’t hesitate to attack.

The idea that a military officer will usher in an era of massive war, and that a civilian peacenik will bring peace is intuitively appealing, but it actually isn’t borne out by history.

Terrorism went through the roof under Gorgie Bushu’s administration. He attacked Afganistan under the name of terrorism. There was no reason to attack Iraq… Because Bushu doesn’t agree with another in power doesn’t give him the right to attack the country. Why can’t he attack Zimbabwe and free people from Mugabe? Because there is no OIL. Gorgie Bushu is a failed president and the polls back that. He is the reason why American economy is on a recession. Now he wants to attack Iran why? Because Iranian president doens’t listen to the nonsense this Gorgie Bushu preaches… Bushu is a clown. Is he doing what the God is ordering him? What an idiot. Then what’s the difference between this clown and the muslim fundamentalist? Bushu is a warmonger who uses “terrorism” to attack people who doesn’t listen to the I-can’t-speak-English-president Bushu. No wonder British people gave him a “warm” welcome when he visited London last :lol:

I think somebody here mentioned that that under Reagon administration, they had relatively little trouble because they wont’ hesitate to attack. What a load of rubbish. Most fearsome attack was the 9/11… which happened under Gorgie Bushu… and not Bill Clinton. Nobody is afraid to use weapon. It is just that some rational people use diplomacy before attacking a nation and killing its people and his own people and put his country’s economy in jeapardy. By attacking other country, you’re doing no favour to your own country; you’re just angering others and make them fight for themselves so they attack America. Bush can’t speak English so he wouldn’t have read history where many president have used diplomacy efficiently.

Doesn’t America or Israel own nuclearn weapons? The single most dangerous thing to humanity is America under Bushu. He’s digging and digging, upsetting every country in the world… If he got elected as the president third time, he would be up against the rest of the world. He had no qualification to be president… It’s a shame that he was re-elected. Go Russia, Go India, Go China…

I have the feeling that Obama would win and he would be the most “white” President of
USA in its history, I wouldn’t vote anybody who can’t balance budget and is notoriously missing himself with truth as Bush used to do, President of whatever country can’t be over 60 years old because it is just amusing that age is no good for such live and responsibility, we would need normal professionals
politicians with some mission and passion, no sons of politicians or retired generals in Presidential chair.
I wish Obama a lot of luck he may need it.