Who are you?

Good evening to you

Thanks to reply my mail

Dear Torsten Daerr I even dont know who are you ?, but I want to learn english and for this I want a audio course could you please help me to farward the same.

I am from India. and more on next meetingggggggggg. …

[color=indigo]Torsten Daerr [color=violet]is [color=indigo]a teacher [color=violet]here [color=indigo]in [color=violet]the forum [color=violet].

[color=violet]W[color=indigo]e[color=violet]L[color=indigo]c[color=violet]O[color=indigo]m[color=violet]E [color=indigo]t[color=violet]O [color=indigo]y[color=violet]O[color=indigo]u [color=violet].[color=indigo].[color=violet].