Whitsun and Pentecost?

Hi, I have a rough idea but could you please tell me the difference between Whitsun and Pentecost?


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According to my dictionaries, Whitsunday and Pentecost are the same thing. It’s very rare to hear Whitsunday in North America, and most Americans (including me) wouldn’t understand you if you used the term.

According to Collins Family Dictionary the Pentecost is a Christian festival occurring on White Sunday celebrating the descent of the Holy Ghost to the apostles ( Greek word / fiftieth (day after the Resurrection))
You may find as useful adj Pentecostal relating to any of the Christian groups that have a charismatic and fundamentalist approach to Christianity

Whitsun short from Whitsuntide and is noun but also adj of Whit Sunday or Whitsuntide
and Whit Sunday means the seventh Sunday after Easter
when Whitsuntide is the week begins with Whit Sunday
were whit is just the old form of white in English


In my world there is no “White Sunday”, and the day is called “Pentecost Sunday”.

Some people call them “holy rollers”. I knew a girl who was the sound technician on a Pentecostalist TV show, and according to her the camera men were told they could show the worshippers when they went spastic, but as soon as they fell off camera not to follow them to the ground. The producers said that when the people were on the floor, they looked seriously sick, and so they were afraid no one would want to come and be in the audience.