Which / what please help me. Many thanks

Choose the best option to coplete the sentence.

  1. ………………………… grade are you in ?
    a. what b. how c.which d.where
    Please help me to explain why the correct answer is. Cos I am confused between “what and which”.

“Which” is the better but “what” is not incorrect. This looks much like one from a test for primary school pupils because I am teaching some of them too. The best solution is consult the text book and follow the writers. You will never get the wrong answer :slight_smile:

Both are possible depending on the greater context.

Hi Beees,
What do you mean by “the greater context”? Is there still any big difference?

What grade are you in? = general, from the full range of grades
Which grade are you in? = limited, from a specific range. e.g. from with #in one particular school.

  1. My sister will… wash her own clothes herself.
    A. ought to. B must. C. Have to. D.should.

PLease help me to choose the correct answer. Thanks for your help.

Which do you think is correct? (there is only one which is possible).

I choose B. “have to” is it right Beeeneees?

and one more. PLease help me.

  1. I can’t have a new bike.
    _: I wish I had/ could have a new bike.

Yes, B is correct. I don’t really understand the choices for your second question. Are they “I wish I had a new bike.” and “I wish I could have a new bike.”?

Yes. LUschen. MAy I rewrite this sentence. ‘I can’t have a new bike’ into:

  1. I wish i could have a new bike
    OR 2. I wish i had a new bike .???

and is this sentence right?
THere is only four minutes left.

I can’t have a new bike.
does not convey quite the same meaning as
I wish I could have a new bike / I wish I had a new bike.
so it could not be considered as a rewrite. It is, however, the sort of thing that someone who can’t have a new bike might say.

There are only four minutes left.
There is only a four-minute session left.

I am sorry. However, the source sentence is : ’ I can’t have a new bike’
ANd the author asked students to rewrite the sentence that started with’I wish…’ So could you please help me. A question in the final exam for secondary students in Vietnam.

In that case ‘I wish I could have a new bike’ is the best that can be done - but I’d say the way the question is asked is flawed.

Thank you for the clarification! Indeed, “which” is more specific than “what”.

Hi Beees,
I have another question. It is said that we use “would” and “could” for possible future wishes. But the problem is how we can tell it. In the rewrite question above, of course the writer wants to have a bike and so “could” is better. However, in such sentence as “I have to go to work tomorrow.”, the wish might seem frail as the fact of having going to work is not something that can easily be changed.
What do you think about this?

There is no wish in “I have to go to work tomorrow.”

If you are thinking of something like:
“I wish I did not have to go to work tomorrow.”
“I wish I had to go to work tomorrow.”
then there is no ‘could’ or ‘would’.

If you mean “I wish I could go to work tomorrow.”
then only ‘could’ is possible.

bbc.co.uk/worldservice/learn … v195.shtml

Couldn’t I say “I wish I wouldn’t have to work tomorrow.”? If not, why?

The verb is wrong. You would say
I wish I did not have to work tomorrow.

So, could you tell me how “would” is used in such structures and how it is different from “could”?
Thank you!

Any idea please?