Which way of life do you think would be more satisfying to future generations

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Compare and contrast your way of life with that of your parents. Which way of life do you think would be more satisfying to future generations.

From generations to generation, with the rapid development of our society, our way of life has changed in every way and affected by so many technological innovation. Comparing my way of life with that of my parents has a lot of differences on the surface. But as far as I am concerned, I think there are several similarities which would be more satisfying to future generations. My reasons and example listed below will strengthen my point.

The first and foremost, main element of my parents’ way of life was helping others and encouraging them to overcome their life obstacles. They held belief of helping other is main concept of our society. Their personal motto was “the one is dedicated for others; others are dedicated for the one". As my mother as an example; She was a class teacher which was sink class. She was persistent about her class students. She wanted to have disciplined class and successful students. So, she worked with students without salary such as giving private tutoring, lecturing and advising. As a result, she graduated that class as a number one class in high school. All of them agree with that my mother gave them key of opportunity and helped to overcome their difficulties. Maybe, reason of our living is for others.

In addition to the previous point, my parents were caring people. They respect senior members of the family and care for each other. It was tradition to look after each others’ kinship. Relationship between relatives was warm and respectful which created nice model for children who grow up in this family. Also, family was very large which consists of grandparents, relatives and children. So we could learn from each others’ mistakes and successes. For instance, when I was a child I meet my relatives who were at the same age like me. We liked to imitate like my mother who was great teacher and teach things like song, poem, and dance for other little brothers and sisters who wants to learn. Creating big family and caring each member is our family’s difference among other families.

Today, we live in different world, some people complain about rapid changes. But I believe something could not change, if that is in our soul and attitude. I inherited certain characteristics which are helping others and caring my family from my parents. I want to pass it to future generations because it makes life better for living.

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