Which of these websites are you using?

Which of these websites/communities are you using?

  • Skype
  • Google Talk
  • both Skype and Google Talk
  • PalTalk

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Could you please tell me which of the following websites you are using in order to talk to other people, make phone calls or chat? As for me, I think Google Talk provides the best sound quality and is easy to use. However, at this point it doesn’t allow conference calling so you can talk to one person only. That’s why I make do with Skype until Google adds the conference feature and other tools.
What about you?

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I am using Google Talk to chat to my friends. I agree with you that it’s easy to use because I can chat while I’m also checking my emails at the same time at times. What is more, I don’t need to download Google Talk while I just have a Gmail account that automatically provides me Google Talk right there. :smiley:


sometime I use Skype but most my time I use Msn messanger or yahoo messanger

by the way I prefer Skype


Hi Rosalisa,

Thanks a lot for sharing your experiences, it’s good to see you around again. Could you please tell if you also use the VoIP function in Google Talk? I take it when you say “chat” you refer to text chat? Also, what other Gmail features do you use (calender, worksheets, etc.?).

Talk to you soon,

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Hi Che,

Do you use Skype to “speak” with other people or just to send and receive text messages?


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Hi Mba,

I take it you text chat on MSN or Yahoo messenger (please note the spelling)? Do you use Skype to speak or to write?

PS: Sometime means “at some indefinite time in the future”:
I might use Skype sometime during the next few months.
I sometimes use Skype. (a couple of times a month)[YSaerTTEW443543]

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Hi Torsten
I speak mostly …

Torsten, I agree 100% with your first post.
I use Skype, Google Talk and MSN (rarely).

Hi Torsten,
I use QQ (Tencent Inc.)frequently,but it seems available in China mainland only,hehe…so,for worldwide communication,i prefer to use MSN messenger.


I had Skype at work but never used it, now I have it at home but use it infrequently… :cry: It’s MSN and ICQ I resort to on numerous occasions. :lol: