Which is wrong? (They foolishly drove into the desert with no extra water)


They foolishly drove into the desert with no extra water.
==>> One of the underlined phrases is wrong. Then which is it and why is it wrong?

Many thanks

Nessie, I don’t think any of the phrases are wrong. The whole sentence sounds perfectly fine to me. I’d be interested in knowing the answer, and the logic behind it, once you find out.

Why did they choose the desert with no extra water? :lol:

A Grammar Workbook for TOEFL on Googlebooks gives this version:

  1. They foolishly drove into the desert without any water.

In the answer key, this is marked as “correct”.

Perhaps the tutor has put “no extra” in place of “without any”, on the assumption that that creates a new question with an error.


The problem was that the original sentence wasn’t incorrect. It’s still mystifying to me.

Yes; I’m suggesting that the tutor’s assumption was incorrect.


Thanks all, but there’s no tutor here :smiley:
This question is cited from one of my non-native exercise textbooks written by non-native authors. Sometimes they drive me crazy by giving incomprehensible questions.

However, there are also many incomprehensible questions about English vocabulary given as “advanced English test”. I found many of them when I took the examinations for good students last year. Then after the exams, I asked my teachers to help me correct them, but no teachers were able to explain why those options were chosen (?!?)

P.S: sorry Jamie, but I already forgot which is the answer (+_+)
(I also think the sentence is perfectly all right)

I’m glad to hear no tutor was involved.

It’s remarkably similar to the TOEFL question, though; so perhaps the question-setter was “influenced” by it…