Which is the preferable to learn, British or American English?

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It’s 8:45am hear in Bahrain
I would like to clarified an small question. I just down lowed an audio book from internet it call “Fluent English course pdf + audio mp3” than I found it’s an American accent.
I knew there is a different between British and American English. But which is the international language and which is the preferable to learn in term of wide use and importantly , and easier to learn.
Can you help in answering this question please. I will be glad if you do so.

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Hello Hussain E,

Nice to meet you. Welcome to this site. I’m not sure if it is the answer you are looking for, but please take a look at this:

Nice to meet you Infin1ty

The article is useful, I enjoy the reading.

Thanks for helping.

You are welcome. :slight_smile: