Which is the better sentence?

He faced death several times in Africa.
He had a brush with death several times in Africa.

Which is the better sentence? If neither sentence is fine, may I know how it should be phrased


Could a fellow member please help?


I think both are acceptable.

I looked it up. If you want a more dramatic expression then the second is better. If you don’t, use the first. So, yes, Lawrence, both are acceptable, but as Koohygliat always wants people to elaborate on the questions in his posts, I thought, why don’t I look up?

“Faced death” usually means there is a real chance for death, but does not imply that anything bad actually happened.

“Brushed with death” means they almost died.

The climber faced death while climbing Mt Everest. He knew the danger. He knew there was a real possibility of dying.

While climbing Mt Everest, the climber fell into a deep crevice and was critically injured. It was unknown for several days if he would live. After his brush with death, he vowed to never climb again.