Which is the best way to introduce someone

Hi teachers,

Please tell me which of the following sentences is the best way to introduce someone to other people:

  1. “This is Jan”
  2. “She is called Jan”
  3. “She is named Jan” (I have heard it many times in China)
  4. “She is Jan” (it is wrong but I have heard it like a thousand times in China.)

Thank you.


If Jan is with you when you make the introduction then (1) is the best option.
However, there is no single set expression and depending on the circumstances you might also quite naturally say
“I’d like to introduce you to Jan.”
“I don’t believe you’ve met Jan before.”
“Have you met Jan?”

I believe that all sentences of Kwfine are OK grammatically.
Am I correct?

Kwfine didn’t ask which were grammatically correct.