Which is correct?

Choose the correct answer!

What’s his name?

A. It’s name Jack B. It’s Jack’s name C. It’s a Jack D. It’s Jack

P.S. I’m waiting for your answers:)

His name’s Jack.
His name is Jack.
Jack is his name.
He’s Jack.
It’s Jack.

I am 99.99% sure that the correct answer is D. (It’s Jack. = His name is Jack.)

What’s the capital of France?

A. It’s name Paris.
B. It’s Paris’s name.
C. It’s a Paris.
D. It’s Paris. (The capital of France is Paris)

I thought so too but the answers sheet says that the correct answer is C ( It’s a Jack) . I’m confused…

There is either a typo on the answer sheet or the test is flawed.

Aha, I see. Thanks for your responses!

Its simple answer is you can’t treat a person as like a beast.

That is why Br.E, says – That is jack or he is, and so on—. It has four legs(cat).

Again, when you needn’t show any respect to a naughty boy, it’s jack who did it.

I read it in my early school, I have no idea what the American now says. it is just
“that man, it is, yes—?” without respecting, etc.

I am 99.99% sure that the correct answer is D.