Which is correct?

Do i say “There are additional potential 3 headcounts to be recruited” or “there are potential additional 3 headcounts to be recruited”?

By the way, does “headcount” come with plural form?


Neither. The grammar and the use of the word ‘headcount’ are both wrong there.

There are potentially an additional 3 people to be recruited.

A ‘headcount’ is taken when you have a specific number of people in a group and you count them, rather than call out their names’ to ensure you have the right amount. You can do several headcounts - it takes the plural.

Thanks Bee

Do i say “the potential/potentially additional 3 people” if i want to start the sentence using them as the subject?


The potential additional/other …
It sounds awkward though. If I knew the full context it might be possible to find an easier way of saying it.