Which is better as a credentials for entering a foreign bussiness, TOEIC or BEC?

i am a college student, and now i want to know which is better as a credentials for entering a foreign bussiness, TOEIC or BEC higher?
and thanks for your advices in advance.

TOEIC is more generally recognized.

i ve heared of lots of different answers from different people.
and many of them said that TOEIC is much easier thaN BEC.
and i was also advised to enroll in a BEC course if i want to learn more about knowledges that are useful in workplace…
and all these are really driving me to a mess…anyway, thanks for your advice.

Listen !!!

TOEIC and BEC are two totally different things !! Man O man, why are people so confused nowadays? No offence Mr. Micawber!

The BEC is a training course. There are three standard levels; Preliminary, Vantage and Advanced. At the end of each level you sit a test. It is best, but not necessary to follow the BEC training course books. Please note that the BEC exam has complete training courses that compliment each test stage and these can be used for learning and improving English language proficiency. Also, the test at each stage covers the 4 skills; reading, writing, listening and speaking.

The TOEIC test is an English proficiency testing system. This means you can learn English using any material you like, even the BEC course books and then go on to sit the TOEIC test. There are two TOEIC tests. The most common test is the listening and reading test and this covers two proficiency skills. If you need a speaking and writing test, then this is a separate TOEIC test!

Preparing for a test is important irrespective of what test you prepare for and in the case of the TOEIC test, a student can improve their performance in the TOEIC test sitting by preparing. (this is also true for the BEC or SAT tests, or tests for engineering or computers). Preparation for a test is not a wise way to learn the core skills of a language, core skills you will need for further language development long after the test sitting. We say; building upon a weak bridge !!!

Mr. Micawber is correct that the TOEIC test is the most widely accepted test certificate, but this statement should also say “on a worldwide basis” because if we talk specifically about Europe, then there is not much between the two when it comes to acceptable proof of English proficiency for a job application.

As for one being easier than the other, well this is also true. Of course the TOEIC test (being the listening and reading test which is the one most people refer to when they say “the TOEIC test”) is much easier than the BEC. This is because the “TOEIC Test” tests only the skills of listening and reading, whereas the BEC tests all four skills (listening, reading, writing and speaking) Again people seem to compare two different things!

I hope this answers your question a little more concisely.

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I’ve been studying English in London for five months and I’d like to report what I’ve been told about this topic. The teachers in my language school said that TOEIC is basically more recognized in North America and Japan whereas Cambridge exams such as FCE, CAE and BEC are more required in Europe. And yes, they are totally different, in fact in my English school there are different classes for the preparation of each of these exams.

thank you from the bottom of my heart, i have to say,your answer are really specific and useful,as i understood from your answer, TOEIC is very much like english tests in china
most of which specialize in training students’ reading and listening skills. altought, these two aspects are also indispensable in english development, nowadays it really misled many english learners in china,many of whom spent most their time on these two part.it seems quite sad that many of them take passing those damned useless tests as the only purpose of learning a foreign language.after all , the major part of a language is for communicating.

Hello Shamy,

The biggest problem is NOT the TOEIC test or any of the other tests available, in fact, from “good reading and listening tests” a general (however not 100% sure) ability in verbal communication can always be estimated.

RATHER the biggest problem, specifically in relation to the TOEIC test is how “TOEIC Preparation is marketed” … Here are just TWO problems …

Problem 1:
Current trends in marketing preparation material for the TOEIC is giving students worldwide the perception that preparation for the TOEIC test is the way to learn English … I am very sorry world, but although there will always be a little improvement when preparing for the test, as any contact with a language will lead to improvement, the only way to learn English and develop a good working and sound knowledge is to LEARN ENGLISH!

Problem 2:
Many students need a TOEIC test level to enter university or school, many employees need a TOEIC test level to get a job and many people need a TOEIC test level for other situations. This means that many are JUST TRYING TO GET THE LEVEL THEY NEED and are not really interested in learning the language. Many companies realize this potential to earn money and develop materials called “beat the TOEIC test” or “Get secrets to help you pass the TOEIC test” or “Crack the TOEIC test” or “Learn what others do not know to pass the TOEIC test” or “Want to improve your English? Then prepare for the TOEIC test”!!! All this marketing is becoming very detrimental to the TOEIC test and is causing a worldwide teaching market catastrophe!

The whole objective is becoming a little like “beating a Nintendo Game” (no offence Nintendo), or, a little like “IDKFA” the secret code in the “DOOM” game that some people may remember, but at the end of the day, this type of TOEIC preparation marketing will reflect very negatively against the TOEIC test (which has already started if you read the industry news)

I feel this is unfair to an otherwise good testing principle and this is the whole reason why I developed the OnlineEnglish TOEIC Test preparation Course ( onlineenglish900.com ). The course includes materials for both “preparing for the TOEIC test” and “learning and improvement of English” and is available to students and schools worldwide.

Hopefully one day someone will see what is happening, but until then, if anyone in China wishes to properly prepare for the TOEIC test and improve and practice their English, they are welcome to join our training course. I will even arrange special group prices for groups of students. Just email me at info@hamburg-english.de

Business English Communications.
Official TOEIC Test Center.

i could not agree more.
and it’s so nice of you to offer help proactively.
i will reflect on your advice, if needed, i will email.
again, thank you very much.

I too was looking for an exam that could be recognized by international companies in case I try to apply to a job. One of the criterias was an exame that could be accepted by the biggest number of countries/companies.
At the end I choose de TOEIC exam.
Now, after reading all this discussion I question the real valor the TOEIC exam and if I should have wasted the time with other type of exam.
By the way, my area it’s engineering.
What they present it’s really real or are they only trying to make money?