Which grad school to apply? GRE preparation.

My gre scores are V: 670, Q:800
Which schools do i apply to?

Um, we can’t tell you that with only your GRE scores!! That’s only ONE of the admission factors. Your undergrad GPA matters, possibly your work or research experience depending on what you’re going to major in, and WHAT YOU’RE GOING TO MAJOR IN would be good to know!!!

There are some grad school search sites out there…do a Google search and you’ll find some.

My major would be Electrical Engineering…and i have no work exp, my undergrad gpa is 3.7.

electrical engineering requires some research experience. if you have that kind of experience, you will outstand in most applicants pools at most schools otherwise it would be good enough. try umn, purdue, ufl, usc, etc… i don’t name more because your score is well enough for all schools!

Thanks,thats comforting…but could you please specify which schools i should apply to…and which ones would make it to my “safe” list?

Can you tell me which colleges are good for doing ph.d in Microbiology in U.S.and wat score they require?